Sygate Home Network (Client)

Sygate Home Network (Client) 4.5

Sygate Home Network extends simultaneous access to every computer in your home

Sygate Home Network gives you the ultimate Internet experience by extending simultaneous access to every computer in your home. That's right! No one in your home will ever be forced to wait on an Internet connection again! With Sygate Home Network, you'll be the hero providing endless computing and communication possibilities to your entire home network while protecting users from the perils of cyberspace.

Sygate Home Network is the easiest and most cost-effective way to energize your Internet experience. Designed with ease-of-use in mind, Sygate Home Network's user-friendly graphical user interface provides seamless installation and set-up. Unlike proxy-based Internet Connection Sharing solutions, which require individual set-up of every machine on your network (including the laptop you bring home from work), Sygate Home Network is based on Network Address Translation (NAT) with a built-in DHCP server that automatically assigns all required parameters to each computer enabling simultaneous Internet connectivity to every PC on your network. Unlike hardware-based solutions, which are expensive and difficult to configure, Sygate Home Network allows every computer in your home network simultaneous shared access to whatever type of Internet connection you have.

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